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      History: Probably no other dog conjures up such a distinctive image to so many; a somewhat sad-looking, massive rescue dog trudging through snowy mountains with a small keg of brandy hanging from its neck in search of people in distress. This day-and-night patrolling for people lost in the Swiss Alps has gone on in assocciation with the monks of the Hospice of St. Bernard since its founding in A.D. 1050, but the breed probably descends from the Roman molossus dog introduced in the Alps some two thousand years ago.
        Body: Strong, muscular, and thick boned throughout, the St. Bernard has a wide straight back; a well-developed chest; a thick, strongly muscular neck; a big wide head with a short, squarish muzzle; dark, relatively small eyes with the tips pointing downwards, often showing haws; medium-sized ears droppping forward; and a long, thick tail, carried low. Never solid white or without white, the coat coloring is usually red and white, or brindle with white, all preferably with white markings on the chest, neck band, nose band, feet, and tip of the tail, and dark colors on the muzzle and edges of the ears.

        Character:  Despite its massive size, the St. Bernard is intelligent, obedient, and makes and excellent guard dog for family, children, and other animals.

        Care: Frequent brushing is a must, as is regular swabbing of the inside of the dog's ears with baby oil and keeping its nails cut short and the eyes free of tear residue secreated from the lachrymal glands, especially during spring.

        Exercise: Extensive daily exercise in big open spaces is required.

        Training: Alot of early contact with people as possible to keep them from becoming shy and nervous adults. Also, intensive obedience training should begin early during puppyhood.

    Puppies: Six to eight puppies are born in each litter.
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