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      History: The Pug is said to date to 400 B.C. China. Once the pet of Tibetan monks, it became the mascotof the House of Orange in Holland, in the 16th century, after a pug warned the Dutch Prince of Orange of the approaching Spanish invaders. Though the pug was popular throughout Europe in the late 1700's, it nearly went extinct in the 19th century. It regained popularity later in the United States.

    Body: Stubby and muscular, the pug has a wide chest; straight, extremely strong front legs; well-muscled hind legs; a big, dignified head; slightly arched thick-set neck; a black mask; a wrinkled forehead; big round eyes with a gentle expression; a short black nose bridge; a short, angular muzzle; small, high-set, thinly fleshed button ears; and a tail that curls in two tight loops over the hip. The coat is short, soft, and dense. Coloring includes black, silver, fawn, and apricot fawn. If fawn, it is desirable to have a trace of black line extending from the occiput to the tail.

    Character: The Pug makes a grunting nasal noise, somewhat like a pig, to communicate with people. it also snores in its sleep! This dog is always sociable and plays joyfully with its human companions. Though quick to learn, it is a some-what self-reliant dog who reacts to its master's commands when it is chosen to.

   Care: This breed sheds alot of hair and needs to be brushed at least twice a week. Shampoo it as necessary. The stop at the muzzle base must always be clean and dry. The eyes should be washed every other day. Unless forced not to, the pug has a tendancy to be a picky eater.

 Exercise: It needs a lot more exercise than other toy dogs. During the hot season, its respiration should be checked to make sure it is normal.

    Puppies: Delivery of the 2-5 puppies can be difficult. Puppies take 2-3 years to mature and live to about 11 years.
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