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      History: This breed was developed originally in western England for driving livestock, flushing and retrieving game, and bringing lost sheep back to then fold. At the time, owners of herding dogs were taxed, and the dog's tail was as evidence of the payment, hence the breed's other name, bob-tail. About 150 years ago, the breed became what was used in England for making cloth, but this practice was soon discontinued. Although it may look like cuddly stuffed animal, it is a hard worker.
        Body: This dog has a sturdy, tight body with an extremely short back, but the shaggy coat makes it look bigger than it really is. The loin is set higher than the shoulders, the limbs are short and thick, and the chest is heavy and wide. Its big and somewhat angular head has medium sized drop ears, a big black nose, and usually dark eyes whose color is dependent on coat color. Generally, the tail is docked at the joint. A long, profuse coat covers the entire dog, especially on the head and around the nose, often covering the eyes. The coat coloration varies from shades of gray or grizzle to blue or blue merle, either with or without wite markings.

        Care:  For show dogs, a long coat is preferred, but for house pets, trimming the coat helps facilitate care. Because of the soft undercoat gathers a lot of dust, a weekly half hour of combing, and shampooing when the coat gets dirty, are necessary to keep the dog neat. Brushing should be done from the tail towards the head.

        Exercise: Long periods of exercise, at least twice daily, is also required.

        Training:  Even though it takes this breed about two years to mature, obedience training must begin at a very early age.

    Puppies: Tail docking on the litter of five to eight puppies is done two to three days after birth.
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