Welcome to my Dog House, or you can call it Morgan's Doghouse! Alright where should I begin?? First things first, I live in Pennsylvania with a little long haired blonde girl, named Terran (she takes care of me). I also live with her brother. He's a little rough with me but.............. I can handle it. Tiffany is my Big Mommy and Terran is my Little Mommy. Terran calls my Big Mommy, Mom. Alright, alright now enough with the so called 'chit chat' because I know how some people don't like to read. I will be narator as we go along.

Here I'm just posing for the thing that flashes in my eyes. ==>

 <== I'm getting ready to pounce on the floor.

          I just  got out of the tub here. (I didn't like it) ==>

 <== I'm being 'droopy eyed' here.

               After all that  brushing and drying i'm pooped.==>

  <==Here I'm trying to eat the ice with Toby but I wasn't too sucessful.

           Here I am over at Toby's house.==> 


                                       I'm just being plain silly here.(hee hee) ==>

 <== It's just a little too hot in the jacket.

                   Too hot. Cool down, take a breather. ==>

<== I don't know where my photographer learned how to take pictures, because I'm not paying for this one!! (Talk about not centered)
Please come again soon.
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