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    History: The Mastiff is believed to have originated in Asia. The earliest extant drawings of the ancestral form of this breed were found in an Egyptian tomb of about 3000 B.C., and it was noted in a Chinese document of 1121 B.C. In the early 19th centurym, it gained popularity as a fighting dog. After dog-fighting was banned in England, its popularity rose as a faithful working guard dog.

    Body:  A massive, powerful, symmetrically well-boned and muscled gian, the mastiff has a deep chest; a broad, squarish head; ideally a scissor bite, although a slightly undershot one is permissible; dark brown eyes; pendant ears; and a moderately high, slightly curved tapering tail hanging down to around the hocks. Its shor, hard outercoat can be fawn, apricot, or brindle colored, but it must have a very dark or black mask muzzle and ears.

    Character: Intelligent, but not excitable nor overly agile, the Mastiff is a very reliable guard dog, and retains its ancient fighting spirit against other dogs.

    Care: Daily brushing and a carefully balanced diet are essentials.

    Exercise: Once the limbs are fully developed, regular exercise is a must.

    Training: Obedience training should start early. Puppies need human contact early.

    Puppies:     2-5 puppies per litter.
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