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      History: In the early nineteenth century, hunting was a popular sport in England and Scotland. This created the demand for a bird dog who could move speedily both on land and in water. The setter, the water spaniel, and the curly coated retriever were then crossed to create the golden retriever. An excellent gundog, the golden retriever boasts superb abilities in outdoor retrieving trials and in obedience training alike. The three chanpion dogs at the first obedience training contest held by the American Kennel Club in 1977 were all golden retrievers.
        Body: The Golden Retriever has a strong, well-balanced body; a short, straight back; a flat, wide skull; a wide deep muzzle of the same length as the skull; dar brown eyes with a black outline; medum-sized drop ears set slightly toward the rear of the head; and a natural long tail. The thick water-repellent coat is soft, not quite "silky", but not rough, either, with feathering on the chest, front legs, thighs, abdomen, and underside of the tail. The coat color is beautiful, shiny gold, with the feathering slightly lighter than the rest of the body.

        Character: A gentle loving dog, with a tender intelligent facial expression, the Golden retriever is good with children and other animals, and friendly and loyal to its master. Well behaved and extremely intelligent, this breed works widely as a rescue dog and guide dog.

        Care: The double coat should be kept clean by weekly brushin and shampooing. it needs to be thoroghly dried, or skin disease may result.

        Exercise: At least two days of exercise a day is necessary, including occasional swims.

        Training: Puppies learn well if obedience training is started about eight weeks after birth. Make sure that they do not overeat abd give them as big a kennel as possible, to allow for exercise.

    Puppies: Litters number from six to ten puppies. Newborns are shaded gold, growing into the adults dark gold in ten to fourteen months. The coat color may darken further between the age of fourteen months and 5 years.
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