Welcome to The Gergil Cage. Milky-Way and Galaxy were two gerbils that lived to the ripe old age of 3.
Gerbils are great pets and rarely smell or are unhealthy.

Galaxy never really did care to get her pictures taken like Milky-Way did.
Soon after this picture Galaxy passed away.

      Milky-Way loved to run his wheel, especially durring the night when everyone
was trying to sleep.

Whenever cleaning out the cage, they got to run
around the room.

Milky-Way caught practicing to be a proffesional on the


Dreaming of Strawberries.

While feeding the fish once, Milky-Way was caught
jumping into my bowl of Strawberries.

Of course, since Milky-Way is spoiled, he got to keep his strawberry
 that he picked out.

Milky-Way checking out my sunglasses.

Thanks for visiting, a new edition of the Gerbil Cage
will be added soon.

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