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      History: The place and date of origin of the Dalmatian are greatly disputed, but, the present name and breed comes from Dalmatia, a region of the Adriatic Sea north of Albania. Having don duty as a military sentinel, a shepherd, a retriever, a ratter, a bird dog, and in packs as a boar and stag hunter, the Dalmatian is a fast, strong, and intelligent breed best known as a coach dog that ran along side horse-drawn carriages and fire wagons. It has also performed admirably on the stage in circuses, and as a firehouse mascot.
        Body: The Dalmatian has a powerful back with a level, slightly arched top line; muscular shoulders; a deep but not too wide chest; an elegantly long neck; a moderately long, flat, wide skull; round eyes that may be dark black, brown or blue (in black spotted dogs) or light brown, gold, or dark blue in (liver spotted dogs); moderatedly sized drop ears; and a long gradually tapering tail reaching to the hocks. The coat should be short, hard, dense,a dn glossy, with a pure white ground and around, clearly defined either black or liver in color a bout the size of a silver dollar.

        Character: An excellent companion dog or household pet, the Dalmatian is outgoing and friendly, but sometimes aloof with strangers and a bit unpredicable around other dogs.

        Care: Little grooming is necessary; however daily brushing helps keep shedding under control.

        Exercise: An extremely active breed, the Dalmatian needs and loves a great deal of exercise, lengthy running being ideal.

        Training:  Puppies need to be taught to be quiet and not shy away from strangers. They become quick learners and willing participants in training as they mature.

    Puppies: When the eight to ten puppies per litter are born, they are white, the spots gradually apperaing after ten to four teen days.
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