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  History: Considering its size. this breed was once quite savage, for it was used to bite a chained bull's nose to incite it to fight. Many fighhting dogs were probably involved om ots development in Britian, including the mastiff. The bulldog was later used for dogfighting whenbullfighting came to be considered inhumane and was banned. After dogfights were also banned in 1835, this dog's ferocity was eliminated through selective breeding, though its appearance was retained.
    Body: Heavy, stout limbed, low set, and powerful, the English Bulldog is capable of great bursts of speed. It has broad shoulders; especially muscular hind quarters; a quite large head; a very short pug face; a big, prominent undershot lower jaw; round cheeks; thick, broad flews (chops) extending well below the sides of the lower jaw; dewlaps from head to chest to form two large wrinkles; small rose-shaped high-set ears; medium-sized round very dark eyes; a large, broad, deep-set black nose; and a short thick based tapered tail that hangs low and is either straight or culrled. The coat should bbe short, smooth, fine in testure, flat lying and glossy. The color should be uniform, brindle, solid white, red, fawn, or piebald. Brown and liver are undesirable.

    Character: Supercly compatible with children, this breed is kind, calm, friendly, and cheerful, yet it has a dignified demeanor overall.

    Care:This dog needs only regular brushing with a rough cloth and a minimal exercise.

    Exercise:As it is sensitive to excessive exercise and heat, it's best to keep this dog cool and well-ventilated. It is best to segregate this dog  during feeding time as it tends to be possessive about its food, and thus aggressive toward nearby dogs and animals.

    Training: Bulldog puppies are relatively easy to train and raise.

    Puppies: The average of 4 puppies per litter have comparatively large heads and are generally delivered by cesarean section. The color at birth is essentially that of an adult.

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