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  History: The Boxer is the direct result of the mid 19th century crossings of the
Bullenbeisser (mastiff) and bulldog. Its beautiful well-blanced frame and its courage soon made it one of the world'smost popular dog breeds. Earlier used for hunting boar, bear, and deer, it later became a widely praised guard, police, military, fighting, and companion dog. It first entered a dog show in 1850, and now is a popular show dog breed.
    Body: Squarely built and medium-sized, this breed has a short, straight, muscular back; a deep, thick, well-developed chest; wrinkles on the forehead; pronounced flews on the muzzle but no dewlaps on the back of the head; drop ears that naturally incline forward and are usually cropped to stand erect in show dogs; dark brown eyes with a vertical flap over them; an undershot bite with the lower jaw protruding and arching slightly above the upper jaw;  a docked tail that is held high; and a rather short, angled lower hind limbs. Its gait tends to be bouncy, but powerful. The fawn or slightly mahogany coat is short and glossy, lying smoothly along on the body, usually with white markings on the head, muzzle, throat, chest, and lower limbs, plus a black mask.

    Character:  Despite the boxer's rather pugnacious countenance, it is very gentle makes a good playmate for children.

    Care: Coat care is easy, requiring just a light brushing, but the nails must always be kept short, and the diet carefully balanced to prevent the breed's tendency to be overweight.

    Exercise: The Boxer is very energetic and needs lots of exercise. It should be taken for walks on a leash, but is happiest when it is let to run free in a big fenced area. A Boxer adapts to almost any enviroment, either in the city or in the suburbs, as long as care is taken when temperatures change.

    Training: The Boxer should begin obedience training early.

    Puppies: The mother cares well for her litters of 5 to 10 puppies. She watches over them as they grow. Puppies that are entirely white or slightly brindle are not favored and won't make it to the show ring.

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