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   History: This sheepdog takes its name from the canton of Bern in the central farmlands of Switzerland, where for over tow millennia it has served as a drover and guard dog. The Bernese Mountain Dog is the most popular of the 4 types of Swiss mountain dogs, and the only one with a long coat, the Bernie is now gaining a solid following as a gentle household pet.

    Body: The Bernese Mountain Dog has a full body that is slightly longer than it is tall, with a deep chest, the loin being some-what short; sturdy, straight limbs with a relatively short pastern; a flat, slightly furrowed head; a strong, rather long muzzle with a scissor bite; V-shaped drop ears that are held slightly forward, and hazel or brown almond shaped eyes. The long, thick tail hangs down, and complements the slightly wavy, moderately long tricolored coat. The color is basically black, with either dark tan or tan edging on the limbs and sides of muzzle and small spots above the eyes. The feet should be white, and there should be a prominent long white blaze and an inverted-cross chest mark.

    Character: Also a working dog, it has also proved to be a cheerful, intelligent family pet and makes a wonderful companion dog.

    Care: Daily brushing and occasional bathing are required as well as cleaning out the inside of the ears with baby oil, keeping the nails cut short, and brushing the teeth to prevent heavy tartar formation.

 Exercise: The  Bernese Mountain Dog needs long, daily exercise if kept as a household pet.

    Training: It is recommended , however, that puppies become accustomed to humans early.

    Puppies: The mother has keen maternal instincts and more than adequately cares for the  litter of 4-10 puppies.

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