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   History:   The Beagle is a first class pet, but it has quite a bit of history as a hunter. It hunted in Wales and France during the Renaissance, the beagle was later acknowledged as the best hare dog out of all the small hounds. Now in modern days, two or three Beagles are use together to hunt quails and hares. Sometimes the Beagle is used in larger packs as it was in the past. The Beagle is classified into two groups according to size in the AKC. One irrespective of it is as a hunter or use as a showdog.

    Body:    The Beagle has a squarish body with sloping shoulders;firm muscles; high set pendant ears; a moderately long, wide, domed skull that is slightly rounded at the back; an angular muzzle; a straight nose bridge; a black nose with big nostrils; and a high-set tail that is carried gaily with a bit of a curve, but not curled forward. The dense, short coat of the Beagle is smooth and glossy. It's coat is white and tan with black (other hound colors are permissible).

    Character: The Beagle is loving and gentle. This responsible dog is also a good guard dog. Beagles love to explore and often wander off, so a ID tag would be a good idea.

    Care: The beagle should be massaged from head to tail once and awhile, other than that no special coat care is needed. When bathed, a mild shampoo should be used on it's coat.

    Exercise: When this dog is going to be exercised it should take place on a lead or in a large fenced area to keep the pup from wandering off.

    Training: The Beagle may bark excessively if left alone. Training can prevent this though. Beagles used as hunters should be trained in a higher tone. Since the Beagles love to explore and wander off, a collar and ID tag is appropriate.

    Puppies: The average pups per litter is 5-7. Seventeen pups were recorded once but is very unlikely to happen again. Mating Beagles of different sizes can make delivery very hard. 

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